Down to the Wire!

Friends, neighbors and supporters: we are approaching a critical time in our fight against the asphalt plant. Last week, Lakeside attempted to submit the application for both the grading of the property and the build of the plant. This application was missing a few “key components” and did not pass intake review so was returned to Lakeside. They anticipate that a revised application could be submitted in the next week. It will again go through the intake review and if all the required information is present it would become a vested application for permit.

Our option at this point is legal, since the King County Council and Dow Constantine’s office have repeatedly let us down as citizens of the county they have vowed to take care of. To fight this, we will need to band together financially. We will need to put our money where our passion is. We have a great attorney, we need you to help us fund this fight!

Please contribute: please spread the word to your neighbors.

Community Meeting is this weekend on Saturday! Please attend and bring a neighbor. We need ALL hands on deck! (Click events link for information).

We can do this!

Hans Reifenrath