Lakeside passed intake review on 2 applications yesterday, take action!

DPER Update: Lakeside passed intake review on 2 applications yesterday. This means that the applications were complete enough for DPER to accept for initial processing and intake.  Application numbers are: COMM18-0014 and SHOR18-0032. 

What's next?

1. it will take a week or 2 to complete intake processing

2. DPER has 28 days to determine if it is complete, if they fail to make that determination it automatically becomes complete

3. Substantive reviews would not begin until after the completion is made official. 

4. Once the application is deemed complete, DPER will process a Notice of Application with a public comment period. They will attempt to post public application documents to the website at that time. 

5. They do not anticipate that notice to go out for approximately 4+ weeks.

What can you do NOW?

1. CONTRIBUTE to the legal defense fund: visit for the latest and links to donate.

2. Call/write/email King County Council, Dow Constantine, newly elected representatives and senators, Jay Inslee, 

3. Tell your neighbors! it's amazing how  many people still don't know about this proposed asphalt plant, help spread the word! 

Go Get'em friends!

Hans Reifenrath