No Asphalt On the Cedar River

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Say No to Asphalt on the Cedar River!

Keep the Cedar River and residential neighborhoods clean, stop the construction of this RENTON Area Asphalt Facility!


The Situation


Big Business Is Trying to Abuse Zoning Laws:

Lakeside Industries is attempting to put an asphalt plant a couple hundred feet from the Cedar River on a parcel that is not zoned for this, per the King County Comprehensive Plan.

Simply put, what they are trying to do is illegal.

Environmental Damage:

Salmon populations are in decline, bald eagle nest in this area, bear prowl this area routinely. And our County Council is fine putting an Asphalt Plant here? The Federal EPA is very clear that these plants produce known toxins and carcinogens. If Dow Constantine (King County Executive) really wanted to protect this region’s native salmon population, he would speak out against this plant… but he’s staying mum… in fact he supports Lakeside Industries behind closed doors.

Perhaps this is because he and the Council are…

Blatantly Corrupt Politicians:

Dow Constantine’s former Chief of Staff (Sung Yang of Pacific Public Affairs) currently works as a lobbyist for Lakeside Industries. He had worked with Dow for ~8 years… he knows everyone at the Council, inside and out. His client Lakeside Industries must be very pleased with his unethical performance to-date. So far, Sung and Lakeside Industries have "convinced" our elected officials to look the other way. If this isn’t blatant corruption and conflict of interest, I don’t know what is. Call the Council and tell them what you think of this nonsense!

Major Traffic Disruption on Highway 169 (Maple Valley Highway):

You think your morning commute sucks now? If Lakeside Industries has their way, its about to get much worse. They have proposed adding ~300 new trucks (double-trailers, filled with hot-smelly-toxic-liquid asphalt), the majority of which would be on the road during PEAK COMMUTE TIMES.

Picture it… all those new trucks on the road, getting in your way, dropping tar and asphalt on the road (which will be picked up on your car). And can you imagine the smell? Those trucks will be creeping along right in front of you… beside you… behind you. Hundreds daily, all headed out towards 405. Picture it. Smell it. Scrape it off your car each week.

Call the Council and tell them what you think of this nonsense!

Water Supply at Risk:

King County Water District 90 has expressed a strong objection to this plan. This proposed plant lies in their well recharge areas along the Cedar River. When there are spills (not if – but when) toxins are going to seep into the ground and contaminate our water table. We are going to lose some wells. KCWD90 will have to buy clean water from other sources, and those costs will be passed on to consumers by way of higher water bills.

Call the Council and tell them what you think of this nonsense!

Goodbye, Air Quality:

remember summer of 2017, when we had smoke from Canada’s wildfires just sitting… hovering… in the Renton / Maple Valley area? No wind… that sucked. But it could get much worse if we add a hot mix asphalt plant to the picture! It is not just an odor issue. That should be the least of your concerns. The real issue is one of public health: Asphalt manufacturing plants are known to release harmful solid-particle emissions into the air that cannot be entirely prevented, even with cutting edge, modern equipment. Per the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) …

"Asphalt processing and asphalt roofing manufacturing facilities are major sources of hazardous air pollutants such as formaldehyde, hexane, phenol, polycyclic organic matter, and toluene. Exposure to these air toxins may cause cancer, central nervous system problems, liver damage, respiratory problems and skin irritation."

Call the Council and tell them what you think of this nonsense!



Recently, Lakeside Industries, made it known that it is their intent to build an asphalt plant in unincorporated Renton. This site is directly on SR 169 and literally a stone's throw away from the Cedar River.  We have to stop this plant from being built and ruining the quality of life that we chose when moving into a rural area.

By donating to this fund, you will be contributing to the fight against the build of the asphalt plant. This will allow us to have legal representation to navigate the complex issues of fighting King County to vote to rezone this lot as well as to deny any and all permits for this plant to move forward.


Citizens to Stop SR 169 Asphalt Plant

Hello friends and neighbors! Join this Facebook group to discuss all things related to the proposed asphalt plant to be built by Lakeside Industries on Maple Valley Highway.

Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council

Our community’s Rural Character will be supported by facilitating strong local ties and communication between the public, organizations, and government; promoting locally owned businesses and supporting quality education; protecting the environment, and maintaining landowners’ rights and responsibilities; promoting controlled and well-planned growth with appropriate infrastructure; ensuring proper representation for rural interests and needs; and supporting the health and safety and the privacy of our vibrant community.

Speak Out! - Stop the building of proposed asphalt plant in Renton on 169!

Recently, Lakeside Industries, has submitted an application to King County to build an asphalt plant right on the highway and just across the street from the Cedar River. 

The residents of Renton, Maple Heights, and surrounding neighborhoods, are asking for support to stop the building of this plant.  This plant is expected to add 295 trucks per day to the awful traffic issue that already exists. Pollutants will fill the air and potentially contaminate the local ground or the Cedar River. Growing families live here, many children that will be exposed to the harmful impacts of this plant. Seniors who have lived here for 40 or more years that do not need the added Influence of asphalt fumes on their health. There are neighbors who have animals that live in yards just a few hundred feet away. Beautiful fruit trees that will be ruined.